Adobe Photoshop

A visual cheat-sheet for the 283 keyboard shortcuts found in Adobe Photoshop

#Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Ctrl T Free transform
[ Decrease brush size
] Increase brush size
Shift [ Decrease brush hardness
Shift ] Increase brush hardness
D Default foreground/background colors
X Switch foreground/background colors
Ctrl J New layer via copy
Ctrl Shift J New layer via cut
Esc Cancel any modal dialog window (including the Start Workspace)
Enter Select the first edit field of the tool bar
Tab Navigate between fields
Shift Tab Navigate between fields in the opposite direction
Alt Change cancel to reset
Ctrl F Invoke the search experience

#Use function keys

Shortcut Action
F1 Start help
F2 Cut
F3 Copy
F4 Paste
F5 Show/hide brush panel
F6 Show/hide color panel
F7 Show/hide layers panel
F8 Show/hide info panel
F9 Show/hide actions panel
F12 Revert
Shift F5 Fill
Shift F6 Feather selection
Shift F7 Inverse selection

#Select tools

Shortcut Action
V Move tool
M Rectangular marquee tool
L Lasso tool
W Magic wand tool > quick selection tool
C Crop tool > slice tool > slice select tool
I Eyedropper tool > ruler tool > note tool
J Spot healing brush tool > healing brush tool > patch tool > red eye tool
B Brush tool > pencil tool > color replacement tool > mixer brush tool
S Clone stamp tool > pattern stamp tool
Y History brush tool > Art history brush tool
E Eraser tool > background eraser tool > magic eraser tool
G Gradient tool > paint bucket tool
O Dodge tool > burn tool > sponge tool
P Pen tool > freeform pen tool
T Horizontal type tool > vertical type tool > horizontal type mask tool > vertical type mask tool
A Path selection tool > direct selection tool
U Rectangle tool > rounded rectangle tool > ellipse tool > polygon tool > line tool
H Hand tool
R Rotate view tool
Z Zoom tool
D Default foreground/background colors
X Switch foreground/background colors
Q Toggle standard/quick mask modes
J Content-aware move tool
C Perspective crop tool
V Artboard tool
R Rotate view tool
/ Toggle preserve transparency
, Previous brush
. Next brush
Shift , First brush
Shift . Last brush

#View images

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Tab Cycle through open documents
Ctrl Shift Tab Switch to previous document
Ctrl Shift W Close a file in Photoshop and open Bridge
F Toggle forward between Standard screen > Full screen with menu bar > Full screen modes
Shift F Toggle backwards between Standard screen > Full screen with menu bar > Full screen modes
Space F Toggle forward canvas color
Shift Space F Toggle backwards canvas color
Space Switch to hand tool (when not in text-edit mode)
Ctrl Space Switch to zoom in tool
Alt Space Switch to zoom out tool
Shift Enter Apply zoom percentage, and keep zoom percentage box active
PgUp/PgDn Scroll up or down 1 screen
Shift PgUp/PgDn Scroll up or down 10 units
Home Move view to upper-left corner
End Move view to lower-right corner
\ Toggle layer mask on/off as rubylith (layer mask must be selected)

#Use Puppet Warp

Shortcut Action
Esc Cancel completely
Ctrl Z Undo last pin adjustment
Ctrl A Select all pins
Ctrl D Deselect all pins
H Temporarily hide pins

#Use Refine Edge

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Alt R Open the Refine Edge dialog box
F Cycle forward through preview modes
Shift F Cycle backwards through preview modes
X Toggle between original image and selection preview
P Toggle between original selection and refined version
J Toggle radius preview on and off
Shift E Toggle between Refine Radius and Erase Refinement tools
Shortcut Action
Ctrl Alt F Reapply last-used filter
Ctrl Change Cancel button to Default
Alt Change Cancel button to Reset
Ctrl Z Undo/Redo
Ctrl Shift Z Step forward
Ctrl Alt Z Step backward

#Use the Liquify filter

Shortcut Action
W Forward warp tool
R Reconstruct tool
C Twirl clockwise tool
S Pucker tool
B Bloat tool
O Push left tool
M Mirror tool
T Turbulence tool
F Freeze mask tool
D Thaw mask tool
Alt (tool) Reverse direction for Bloat, Pucker, Push Left, and Mirror tools
Tab Cycle through controls on right from top
Shift Tab Cycle through controls on right from bottom
Alt Change cancel to reset

#Use Vanishing Point

Shortcut Action
X Zoom 2x (temporary)
Ctrl + Zoom in
Ctrl - Zoom out
Ctrl 0 Fit in view
Ctrl Z Undo last action
Ctrl Shift Z Redo last action
Ctrl D Deselect all
Ctrl H Hide selection and panes
Arrows Move selection 1 pixel
Shift Arrows Move selection 10 pixels
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl Shift T Repeat last duplicate and move
Ctrl Alt T Create floating selection from the current selection
Alt Shift Constrain selection to a 15 degree rotation
Backspace Delete last node while creating plane

#Use the Camera Raw dialog box

Shortcut Action
Z Zoom tool
H Hand tool
I White balance tool
S Color sampler tool
C Crop tool
A Straighten tool
B Spot removal tool
E Red eye removal tool
Ctrl Alt 1 Basic panel
Ctrl Alt 2 Tone curve panel
Ctrl Alt 3 Detail panel
Ctrl Alt 4 HSL/Greyscale panel
Ctrl Alt 5 Split toning panel
Ctrl Alt 6 Lens corrections panel
Ctrl Alt 7 Camera calibration panel
Ctrl Alt 8 Presets panel
Ctrl Alt 9 Open snapshots panel
Ctrl Alt Shift T Parametric curve targeted adjustment tool
Ctrl Alt Shift H Hue targeted adjustment tool
Ctrl Alt Shift S Saturation targeted adjustment tool
Ctrl Alt Shift L Luminance targeted adjustment tool
Ctrl Alt Shift G Grayscale mix targeted adjustment tool
T Last-used targeted adjustment tool
K Adjustment brush tool
G Graduated filter tool
Alt Temporarily switch from Add to Erase mode for the Adjustment brush tool, or from Erase to Add mode
Alt ]/[ Increase/decrease temporary adjustment brush tool size
Alt Shift ]/[ Increase/decrease temporary adjustment brush tool feather
Alt =/- Increase/decrease temporary adjustment brush tool size flow in increments of 10
N Switch to New mode from Add or Erase mode of the Adjustment Brush tool or Graduated filter
M Toggle Auto Mask for Adjustment Brush tool
Y Toggle Show Mask for Adjustment Brush tool
V Toggle pins for Adjustment Brush tool
L Rotate image left
R Rotate image right
Ctrl Temporarily switch to zoom in tool
Alt Temporarily switch to zoom out tool and change the image open button to open copy
P Toggle preview
F Full screen mode
Shift Temporarily activate the White Balance tool and change the open image button to open object
Arrows Move selected point in curves panel 1 pixel
Shift Arrows Move selected point in curves panel 10 pixels
Ctrl R Open selected images in Camera Raw dialog box from Bridge
O Highlight clipping warning
U Shadows clipping warning
Ctrl 1-5 Add 1-5 star rating (filmstrip mode)
Ctrl ./, Increase/decrease rating (filmstrip mode)
Ctrl 6 Add red label (filmstrip mode)
Ctrl 7 Add yellow label (filmstrip mode)
Ctrl 8 Add green label (filmstrip mode)
Ctrl 9 Add blue label (filmstrip mode)
Ctrl Shift 0 Add purple label (filmstrip mode)
Ctrl K Camera Raw preferences
Ctrl Alt Delete Adobe Camera Raw preferences (on open)

#Use the Black-and-White dialog box

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift Alt B Open the Black-and-White dialog box
Up/Down Increase/decrease selected value by 1%
Shift Up/Down Increase/decrease selected value by 10%

#Use Curves

Shortcut Action
Ctrl M Open the Curves dialog box
+ Select next point on the curve
- Select the previous point on the curve
Ctrl D Deselect a point
Del Delete a point on the curve
Arrows Move the selected point 1 pixel
Shift Arrows Move the selected point 10 pixels

#Transform selections, selection borders, and paths

Shortcut Action
Alt Transform from center or reflect
Shift Constrain
Ctrl Distort
Enter Apply
Ctrl . Cancel
Ctrl Alt T Free transform with duplicate data
Ctrl Shift Alt T Transform again with duplicate data

#Edit paths

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Switch from path selection, pen, add anchor point, delete anchor point, or convert point tools to direct selection tool
Alt Switch from pen tool to freeform pen tool to convert point tool when pointer is over anchor or direction point

#Use for painting

Shortcut Action
Alt Shift 0-9 Mixer brush changes mix setting
0-9 Mixer brush changes wet setting
00 Mixer brush changes wet and mix to zero
Shift +/- Cycle through blending modes
Backspace Open fill dialog box on background or standard layer
Alt Backspace Fill with foreground color
Ctrl Backspace Fill with background color
Ctrl Alt Backspace Fill from history
Shift Backspace Displays fill dialog box
/ Lock transparent pixels on/off

#Use for blending modes

Shortcut Action
Ctrl -/+ Cycle through blending modes
Shift Alt N Normal
Shift Alt I Dissolve
Shift Alt Q Behind (brush tool only)
Shift Alt R Clear (brush tool only)
Shift Alt K Darken
Shift Alt M Multiply
Shift Alt B Color burn
Shift Alt A Linear burn
Shift Alt G Lighten
Shift Alt S Screen
Shift Alt D Color dodge
Shift Alt W Linear dodge
Shift Alt O Overlay
Shift Alt F Soft light
Shift Alt H Hard light
Shift Alt V Vivid light
Shift Alt J Linear light
Shift Alt Z Pin light
Shift Alt L Hard mix
Shift Alt E Difference
Shift Alt X Exclusion
Shift Alt U Hue
Shift Alt T Saturation
Shift Alt C Color
Shift Alt Y Luminosity
Shift Alt N Set blending mode to Threshold for bitmap images, Normal for all other images

#Format type

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift L/C/R Align left, center, or right
Ctrl Shift X Choose 100% horizontal scale
Ctrl Shift Alt X Choose 100% vertical scale
Ctrl Shift Alt A Choose auto leading
Ctrl Shift Q Choose 0 for tracking
Ctrl Shift J Justify paragraph, left aligns last line
Ctrl Shift F Justify paragraph, justifies all
Ctrl Shift Alt H Toggle paragraph hyphenation on/off
Ctrl Shift Alt T Toggle single/every-line composer on/off
Ctrl Shift </> Decrease or increase type size of selected text 2 points or pixels
Alt Up/Down Decrease or increase leading 2 points or pixels
Shift Alt Up/Down Decrease or increase baseline shift 2 points or pixels
Alt Left/Right Decrease or increase kerning/tracking 20/1000 ems

#Use panels

Shortcut Action
Shift Enter Apply value and keep text box active
Tab Show/Hide all panels
Shift Tab Show/Hide all panels except the toolbox and options bar
Enter Highlight options bar (select tool first)
Shift Up/Down Increase/decrease selected values by 10

#Use adjustment layers

Shortcut Action
Alt 3 Choose red channel for adjustment
Alt 4 Choose green channel for adjustment
Alt 5 Choose blue channel for adjustment
Alt 2 Choose composite channel for adjustment
Backspace Delete adjustment layer

#Use the Brush panel

Shortcut Action
,/. Select previous/next brush size
Shift ,/. Select first/last brush
Caps Lock Display precise cross hair for brushes
Shift Alt P Toggle airbrush option

#Use the Clone Source panel

Shortcut Action
Alt Shift Show Clone Source (overlays iamge)
Alt Shift (arrows) Nudge Clone Source
Alt Shift </> Rotate Clone Source
Alt Shift [/] Scale (increase or reduce size) Clone Source

#Use the Layers panel

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift N New layer
Ctrl J New layer via copy
Ctrl Shift J New layer via cut
Ctrl G Group layers
Ctrl Shift G Ungroup layers
Ctrl Alt G Create/release clipping mask
Ctrl Alt A Select all layers
Ctrl Shift E Merge visible layers
Alt . Select top layer
Alt . Select bottom layer
Shift Alt [/] Add to layer selection in Layers panel
Alt [/] Select next layer down/up
Ctrl [/] Move target layer down/up
Ctrl Shift Alt E Merge a copy of all visible layers into target layer
Ctrl E Merge layers (while layers are highlighted)
Ctrl Shift [/] Move layer to bottom or top
/ Toggle lock transparency for target layer, or last applied lock
\ Toggle rubylith mode for layer mask on/off

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