Affinity Designer

A visual cheat-sheet for the 108 keyboard shortcuts found in Affinity Designer

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Designer Persona

Shortcut Action
Esc Cancel operation
F1 Help
0-9 Change opacity
Tab Toggle UI
T Cycle text tools
Y Transparency tool
I Color picker tool
P Pen tool
[ Decrease brush size
] Increase brush size
A Node tool
F Point transform tool
G Fill tool
H View tool
; Toggle snapping
\ Clip to canvas
Z Zoom tool
X Toggle active selector
C Corner tool
V Move tool
B Vector brush tool
N Pencil tool
M Cycle shape tool
, Cycle split view
. Reset selection box
/ Set fill or stroke to none
Ctrl 1 Zoom to 100%
Ctrl 2 Zoom to 200%
Ctrl 3 Zoom to 400%
Ctrl 4 Zoom to 800%
Ctrl 8 Zoom to actual size
Ctrl 9 Zoom to pixel size
Ctrl 0 Zoom to fit
Ctrl - Zoom out
Ctrl = Zoom in
Ctrl Tab Switch view
Ctrl W Close
Ctrl R Rulers
Ctrl T Character
Ctrl Y Redo
Ctrl O Open
Ctrl P Print
Ctrl [ Back one
Ctrl ] Forward one
Ctrl Enter Convert to curves
Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl S Save
Ctrl G Group
Ctrl J Duplicate
Ctrl L Lock
Ctrl ; Show guides
Ctrl ' Show grid
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl N New
Ctrl M Curves
Ctrl , Preferences
Space Hold for view tool

#Pixel Persona

Shortcut Action
W Selection brush
E Erase brush
I Color picker tool
O Cycle dodge or burn brushes
[ Decrease brush size
] Increase brush size
G Flood fill tool
L Freehand selection tool
X Toggle active selector
V Move tool
B Cycle brush or pixel tools
M Cycle marquees
, Cycle split view
. Reset selection box

#Modifiers and Layer Control

Shortcut Action
Alt Drawing and painting - temporarily switches to the color picker tool
Shift Freehand selection tools - connects clicked points with straight lines
Shift Reverses aspect ratio constraint on scaling
Ctrl Scales from the center of selection
Alt Ignores snapping during an operation
Ctrl Geometric shapes - moves red handles symmetrically
Shift Path text - maintains distance between red handles
Ctrl Path text - moves red handles symmetrically
Shift Pixel brush painting - draws straight line connecting two strokes
Shift Pixel selections - constrains marquee to square or circle
Ctrl Pixel selection - moves underlying layer rather than selection
Alt Pixel selection - removes from selection
Ctrl Pixel tool - erases from current layer or projects
Shift Rotating - constrains rotations to 15 degree intervals
Shift Selecting - scales multiple objects and layers
Alt Selecting - selects object or layer behind current selection
Ctrl Shearing - mirrors shear around center of object
Shift Vector drawing tools - constrains handle angles to 15 degrees
Alt Vector drawing tools - sets node to sharp for creating cusps
Ctrl Vector drawing tools - temporarily switches to node editing from pen

#Advanced Text

Shortcut Action
Ctrl T Character panel
Ctrl Shift T Typography dialog
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl Alt L Align left
Ctrl Alt C Align center
Ctrl Alt R Align right
Alt Shift Left Tighten spacing more
Alt Shift Right Loosen spacing more
Ctrl Alt Shift Up Precise raise baseline
Ctrl Alt Shift Down Precise lower baseline
Ctrl Alt Down Precise increase leading
Ctrl Alt Up Precise decrease leading

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