Affinity Photo

A visual cheat-sheet for the 177 keyboard shortcuts found in Affinity Photo

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Alt I Resize document
Ctrl Alt C Resize canvas
. Reset selection box
; Toggle snapping
Ctrl Erase with pixel tool on current layer
X Switch between Stroke/Fill color selectors
Shift X Swap Stroke/Fill colour selectors
/ Set no fill on Stroke/Fill color selectors
O Toggle between crop tool overlays
Shift O Flip golden spiral overlay (crop tool enabled)
Esc Cancel a sizing, moving, or creating operation
(arrows) Move item
Shift (arrows) Move item in 10x measurement units

#Tools (Tone Mapping Persona)

Shortcut Action
H View tool
Z Zoom tool
B Overlay paint tool
E Overlay erase tool
G Overlay gradient tool


Shortcut Action
Ctrl N New document
Ctrl Shift Alt N New from clipboard
Ctrl O Open document
Ctrl W Close document, or close app when no documents are open
Ctrl Tab Switch document/view
Ctrl S Save
Ctrl Shift S Save as
Ctrl Shift Alt S Export
Ctrl P Print

#Vector Graphics

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Edit curves as you draw using node editing (from pen)
Ctrl Enter Convert to curves

#Tools (Export Persona)

Shortcut Action
S Slice tool
L Layer select tool

#Tools (Develop Persona)

Shortcut Action
S Sampler tool
W White balance tool
R Red eye removal tool
L Blemish removal tool
B Overlay paint tool
E Overlay erase tool
G Overlay gradient tool
C Crop tool
Z Zoom tool
H View tool


Shortcut Action
G Flood fill tool/gradient cycle
H View tool
V Move tool
C Crop tool
W Selection tools cycle
P Pen and node tool cycle
Z Zoom tool
S Clone tool
U Shape tools cycle
T Text tools cycle
O Dodge, burn, and sponge brush tool cycle
J Retouch tools cycle
B Painting tools cycle
E Erase tools cycle
M Marquee selection tools cycle
L Free hand selection tool

#Tools (Liquify Persona)

Shortcut Action
P Liquify push forward tool
L Liquify push left tool
T Liquify twirl tool
U Liquify pinch tool
B Liquify turbulence tool
C Liquify mesh clone tool
R Liquify reconstruct tool
F Liquify freeze tool
W Liquify thaw tool
Z Liquify zoom tool
H Liquify view tool


Shortcut Action
Ctrl > Bigger text
Ctrl < Smaller text
Ctrl Alt > Precise bigger text
Ctrl Alt < Precise smaller text
Alt Left Tighten
Alt Right Loosen
Alt Shift Left Tighten more
Alt Shift Right Loosen more
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl T Show character
Ctrl Shift T Show typography
Ctrl Alt + Superscript
Ctrl Alt - Subscript
Ctrl Alt L Align left
Ctrl Alt R Align right
Ctrl Alt C Align center
Ctrl Alt Shift \ Justify left
Alt Down Increase paragraph leading
Alt Up Decrease paragraph leading
Ctrl Shift Up Precise paragraph increase leading
Ctrl Shift Down Precise paragraph decrease leading
Alt Shift Up Raise baseline
Alt Shift Down Lower baseline
Ctrl Alt Shift Up Precise raise baseline
Ctrl Alt Shift Down Precise lower baseline
Ctrl Alt Space Special characters
Ctrl Enter Line break
Alt Space Non-breaking space
Alt - En dash
Alt Shift - Em dash
Ctrl Shift ; Spelling options

#Tools (Panorama Persona)

Shortcut Action
A Transform source image tool
L Add to source image mask tool
U Erase from source image mask tool


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Shift Z Redo
Ctrl Shift C Copy merged
Ctrl Shift V Paste style
Ctrl Alt V Paste FX
Ctrl Shift Alt V Paste without format
Ctrl Alt V Paste inside
Shift F5 Fill
Alt Tab Inpaint

#Layer Operations

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Alt A Select all layers
Ctrl G Group
Ctrl Shift G Ungroup
Ctrl J Duplicate
Ctrl I Invert
Ctrl Shift ] Move to front
Ctrl ] Move forward one
Ctrl Shift [ Move to back
Ctrl [ Move back one
Ctrl Shift N New layer
Ctrl E Merge down
Ctrl Shift E Merge selected
Ctrl Shift Alt E Merge visible
F Toggle between frequency separation layers
Ctrl Alt P Edit live projection


Shortcut Action
0-9 Change selected layer content/brush tool's opacity
[/] Increase/decrease brush width


Shortcut Action
Ctrl + Zoom in
Ctrl - Zoom out
Ctrl 0 Zoom to fit
Ctrl 1 Zoom to 100%
Ctrl 2 Zoom to 200%
Ctrl 3 Zoom to 400%
Ctrl 4 Zoom to 800%
Ctrl 8 Zoom to actual size
Ctrl 9 Zoom to pixel size
Space Hot key panning
Ctrl Space Hot key zoom in
H View tool
Ctrl Tab Switch between views
Ctrl R Show rulers
Ctrl ; Show guides
Ctrl ' Show grid

#Pixel Selection / Mask

Shortcut Action
Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl D Deselect
Ctrl Shift I Invert pixel selection
Ctrl Add to selection (marquee or free hand selection tools only)
Alt Remove from selection
Ctrl B Grow or shrink
Shift F6 Feather
Ctrl Alt R Refine edges
(arrows) Move selection in 1 pixel increments
Shift (arrows) Move selection in 10 pixel increments
Q Quick mask
Ctrl I Invert mask


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift H Show or hide studio panels
Ctrl Alt T Show or hide toolbar
Tab Toggle UI
Ctrl H Hide workspace

#Adjustment and Filter

Shortcut Action
Ctrl L Levels adjustment
Ctrl U HSL adjustment
Ctrl I Invert adjustment
Ctrl M Curves adjustment
Ctrl Shift Alt B Black and white adjustment
Ctrl F Repeat filter

#Liquify Persona

Shortcut Action
Ctrl D Mask all
Ctrl I Invert mask
Ctrl A Clear mask


Shortcut Action
Ctrl , Preferences
Ctrl Alt L Liquify persona
Ctrl Alt E Export persona
Ctrl Alt R Develop persona
Ctrl Alt H Hide others (applications)
Ctrl Alt M Media browser

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