A visual cheat-sheet for the 40 keyboard shortcuts found in Asana

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#My Tasks

Shortcut Action
Tab Y Mark as Today in your My Tasks
Tab U Mark as Upcoming in your My Tasks
Tab L Mark as Later in your My Tasks


Shortcut Action
K/J Move Up/Down
H Jump to Inbox tab
S Jump to Archive tab
F Follow or Unfollow
I Archive
U Move to Inbox

#Task Actions

Shortcut Action
Enter New Task
Tab Backspace Delete Selected Task(s)
Backspace Delete current task (when task name is empty)
Ctrl Enter Complete Selected Task(s)
Ctrl Up/Down Move Up/Down
Ctrl Shift Up/Down Jump Up/Down to the next Section
Ctrl C Copy Selected Tasks
Ctrl V Paste Tasks (one per line)
Tab M Assign to Me
Tab H Like a Selected Task
: Create a Section (at the end of a task name)
Shortcut Action
Tab Z Navigate to My Tasks
Tab I Navigate to Inbox
Tab C Comment on Selected Task
Tab A Assign Selected Task
Tab D Set Due Date
Tab F Add Follower
Tab T Add a tag to the task
Tab S Focus Subtasks
Tab / Search for a project, tag, person, or task


Shortcut Action
Up/Down Change Selection
Shift (click) Select Range
Shift Up/Down Select Range
Ctrl (click) Multi-select Individual Task


Shortcut Action
Ctrl / Show Keyboard Shortcuts
Tab Expand the right pane
Esc Collapse the right pane
Tab X Enter Focus Mode
Tab Q Quick Add
Tab Enter Post Comment (from comment field)
Tab B What it sounds like

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