A visual cheat-sheet for the 135 default keyboard shortcuts found in Audacity

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#File Menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl N New
Ctrl O Open
Ctrl W Close
Ctrl Q Exit
Ctrl S Save project
Ctrl Shift E Export audio
Ctrl Shift L Export multiple
Ctrl Shift I Import audio

#Edit Menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Y Redo
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl K Delete
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl D Duplicate
Ctrl P Preferences
Ctrl Alt X Split cut
Ctrl Alt K Split delete
Ctrl L Silence audio
Ctrl T Trim audio
Ctrl Alt I Split new
Ctrl J Join
Ctrl Shift J Detach at silences
Ctrl B Add label at selection
Ctrl M Add label at playback position
Ctrl Alt V Paste text to new label
Alt X Cut labeled audio
Alt K Delete labeled audio
Alt Shift X Split cut labeled audio
Alt Shift K Split delete labeled audio
Alt L Silence labeled audio
Alt Shift C Copy labeled audio
Alt I Split labeled audio
Alt J Join labeled audio
Alt Shift J Detach labeled audio at silences

#Extra Menu

Shortcut Action
F11 Toggle full screen
1 Play one second
B Play to selection
Shift F5 Play before selection start
Shift F6 Play after selection start
Shift F7 Play before selection end
Shift F8 Play after selection end
Ctrl Shift F5 Play before and after selection start
Ctrl Shift F7 Play before and after selection end
C Play cut preview
F1 Selection tool
F2 Envelope tool
F3 Draw tool
F4 Zoom tool
F5 Time shift tool
F6 Multi tool
A Previous tool
D Next tool
Backspace Delete
Alt Left Move to previous label
Alt Right Move to next label
Left Short seek left during playback
Right Short seek right during playback
Shift Left Long seek left during playback
Shift Right Long seek right during playback
Shift I Change recording device
Shift O Change playback device
Shift H Change audio host
Shift N Change recording channels
Shift Home Selection to start
Shift End Selection to end
Shift Left Selection extend left
Shift Right Selection extend right
Ctrl Shift Right Selection contract left
Ctrl Shift Left Selection contract right
Ctrl Shift F6 Move backwards from toolbars to tracks
Ctrl F6 Move forward from toolbars to tracks
Up Move focus to previous track
Down Move focus to next track
Ctrl Home Move focus to first track
Ctrl End Move focus to last track
Shift Up Move focus to previous and select
Shift Down Move focus to next and select
Enter Toggle focused track
Left Cursor left
Right Cursor right
, Cursor short jump left
. Cursor short jump right
Shift , Cursor long jump left
Shift . Cursor long jump right
Shift P Change pan on focused track
Alt Shift Left Pan left on focused track
Alt Shift Right Pan right on focused track
Shift G Change gain on focused track
Alt Shift Up Increase gain on focused track
Alt Shift Down Decrease gain on focused track
Shift U Mute or unmute focused track
Shift S Solo or unsolo focused track
Shift C Close focused track

#Select Menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl Shift A Select none
Z Select at zero crossings
Ctrl Shift K Select in all tracks
Ctrl Shift Y Select in all sync-locked tracks
[ Left at playback position
] Right at playback position
Shift J Track start to cursor
Shift K Cursor to track end
Q Toggle spectral selection
Ctrl Alt P Previous clip
Ctrl Alt N Next clip

#View Menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl 1 Zoom in
Ctrl 2 Zoom normal
Ctrl 3 Zoom out
Ctrl E Zoom to selection
Shift Z Zoom toggle
Ctrl F Fit to width
Ctrl Shift F Fit to height
Ctrl Shift C Collapse all tracks
Ctrl Shift X Expand collapsed tracks
Ctrl [ Skip to selection start
Ctrl ] Skip to selection end

#Transport Menu

Shortcut Action
Space Play or stop
X Play or stop and set cursor
Shift Space Loop play
P Pause
R Record
Shift R Record new track
Shift T Timer record...
Shift D Punch and roll record
P Pause
J Cursor to track start
K Cursor to track end
Home Cursor to project start
End Cursor to project end

#Tracks Menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift N Add new mono track
Ctrl Shift M Mix and render to new track
Ctrl U Mute all tracks
Ctrl Shift U Unmute all tracks

#Effect Menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl R Repeat last effect

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