Framer X

A visual cheat-sheet for the 45 keyboard shortcuts found in Framer X. This application is MacOS-only.

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
F Frame
U Round
T Text
S Stack
L Link
Space Pan Canvas


Shortcut Action
G Graphic
P Path
R Rectangle
O Oval
V Vector
Cmd G Group
Cmd Shift G Ungroup


Shortcut Action
Cmd Enter Add Frame
Cmd Opt Enter Add Stack
Cmd Del Remove Wrapper
Cmd Opt Up Move Forward
Cmd Opt Down Move Backward


Shortcut Action
Cmd K Create from Design
Cmd Shift K Create from Code


Shortcut Action
Cmd B Bold
Cmd I Italic
Cmd U Underline
Cmd T Select Typeface


Shortcut Action
Cmd (arrows) Object Size
Cmd Shift (arrows) Object Size by 10px
0-9 Opacity
Opt Show Distance
Cmd D Duplicate in Place
Cmd Opt C Copy Style
Cmd Opt V Paste Style
Ctrl C Color Picker
Cmd A Select All Layers
Cmd Shift A Select All Siblings
Cmd Opt A Select All Children


Shortcut Action
Z Zoom
Cmd + Zoom In
Cmd - Zoom Out
Cmd 1 Zoom to Fit
Cmd 2 Zoom to Fit Selection
Cmd 0 Zoom to 100%
Ctrl R Show Rulers


Shortcut Action
Cmd M Minimize
Cmd Shift 1 Welcome
Cmd P Preview

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