A visual cheat-sheet for the 97 keyboard shortcuts found in GIMP

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
R Rectangle select
E Ellipse select
F Free select
U Fuzzy select
Shift O Select by color
I Scissors
B Paths
O Color picker
M Move
Shift C Crop and resize
Shift R Rotate
Shift T Scale
Shift S Shear
Shift P Perspective
Shift F Flip
T Text
Shift B Bucket fill
L Blend
N Pencil
P Paintbrush
Shift E Eraser
A Airbrush
K Ink
C Clone
V Convolve
S Smudge
Shift D Dodge or burn
X Swap colors
D Default colors


Shortcut Action
Ctrl N New image
Ctrl O Open image
Ctrl Alt N Open image as new layer
Ctrl D Duplicate image
Ctrl 1-0 Open recent image 1-10
Ctrl S Save image
Ctrl S Save image under a new name
Ctrl Q Quit


Shortcut Action
Ctrl L Layers
Ctrl Shift B Brushes
Ctrl Shift P Patterns
Ctrl G Gradients
Ctrl Shift T Tool options
Ctrl P Palettes
Ctrl Shift I Info window
Ctrl Shift N Navigation window
Tab Jump to next widget
Shift Tab Jump to previous widget
Enter Set the new value
Space Activate the current button or list
Ctrl Alt PgUp In a multi-tab dialog, switch tabs
Shift L Open location
Alt Up Up folder
Alt Down Down folder
Alt Home Home folder
Esc Close dialog


Shortcut Action
F10 Main menu
Shift F10 Drop-down menu
F11 Toggle fullscreen
Shift Q Toggle quickmask
Ctrl W Close document window
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
1 Zoom 1:1
Ctrl E Shrink wrap
Ctrl Shift E Fit image in window
Ctrl Shift R Toggle rulers
Ctrl Shift T Toggle guides


Shortcut Action
PgUp Select the layer above
PgDn Select the layer below
Home Select the first layer
End Select the last layer
Ctrl M Merge visible layers
Ctrl H Anchor layer


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Y Redo
Ctrl C Copy selection
Ctrl X Cut selection
Ctrl Shift C Copy visible
Ctrl Shift V Paste as new image
Ctrl V Paste clipboard
Ctrl K Clears selection
Ctrl Shift C Named copy selection
Ctrl Shift X Named cut selection
Ctrl Shift V Named paste clipboard
Ctrl , Fill with foreground color
Ctrl . Fill with background color
Ctrl ; Fill with pattern


Shortcut Action
Ctrl T Toggle selections
Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl Shift A Select none
Ctrl I Invert selection
Ctrl Shift L Float selection
Shift V Path to selection


Shortcut Action
Ctrl F Repeat last plug-in
Ctrl Shift F Reshow last plug-in


Shortcut Action
F1 Help
Shift F1 Context help

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