A visual cheat-sheet for the 58 keyboard shortcuts found in GitLab

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
? Show or hide the shortcut reference sheet
Shift P Go to your projects page
Shift G Go to your groups page
Shift A Go to your activity page
Shift L Go to your milestones page
Shift S Go to your snippets page
S Put the cursor in the issues or merge requests search
Shift I Go to your issues page
Shift T Go to your merge requests page
P B Show or hide the performance bar
Up Edit your last comment, you must be in a blank text field below a thread
Ctrl Shift P Toggle markdown preview when editing text in a text field


Shortcut Action
G P Go to the project home page
G V Go to the project activity feed
G R Go to the project releases list
G F Go to the project files list
T Go to the project file search page
G C Go to the project commits list
G N Go to the repository graph page
G D Go to the repository charts
G I Go to the project issues list
I Go to the new issue page
G B Go to the project issues boards list
G M Go to the project merge requests list
G J Go to the CI/CD jobs list
G L Go to the project metrics
G E Go to the project environments
G K Go to the project Kubernetes cluster integration page
G S Go to the project snippets list
G W Go to the project wiki, if enabled

#Issues and Merge Requests

Shortcut Action
E Edit description
A Change assignee
M Change milestone
L Change label
R Start writing a comment, if any text is selected it will be quoted
N Move to next unresolved discussion, merge requests only
P Move to previous unresolved discussion, merge requests only
] Move to next file, merge requests only
[ Move to previous file, merge requests only

#Project Files

Shortcut Action
Up Move selection up
Down Move selection down
Enter Open selection
Esc Go back to file list screen, only while searching for files
Y Go to file permalink, only while viewing a file

#Web IDE

Shortcut Action
Ctrl P Search for, and then open, another file for editing
Ctrl Enter Commit, when editing the commit message

#Repository Graph

Shortcut Action
Left Scroll left
Right Scroll right
Up Scroll up
Down Scroll down
Shift Up Scroll to top
Shift Down Scroll to bottom

#Wiki Pages

Shortcut Action
E Edit wiki page
Shortcut Action
Ctrl Backspace Clear entire search filter
Alt Backspace Clear one token at a time


Shortcut Action
R Start writing a comment, if any text is selected it will be quoted
E Edit description
L Change a label

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