A visual cheat-sheet for the 90 keyboard shortcuts found on Gmail

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Compose and Chat

Shortcut Action
P Previous message in an open conversation
N Next message in an open conversation
Shift Esc Focus main window
Esc Focus latest chat or compose
Ctrl . Advance to the next chat or compose
Ctrl , Advance to the previous chat or compose
Ctrl Enter Send
Ctrl Shift C Add cc recipients
Ctrl Shift B Add bcc recipients
Ctrl Shift F Access custom from
Ctrl K Insert a link
Cmd ; Go to next misspelled word (Mac only)
Ctrl M Open spelling suggestions

#Formatting Text

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift 5 Previous font
Ctrl Shift 6 Next font
Ctrl Shift - Decrease font size
Ctrl Shift + Increase font size
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italics
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl Shift 7 Numbered list
Ctrl Shift 8 Bulleted list
Ctrl Shift 9 Quote
Ctrl [ Indent less
Ctrl ] Indent more
Ctrl Shift L Align left
Ctrl Shift E Align center
Ctrl Shift R Align right
Ctrl \ Remove formatting


Shortcut Action
, Move focus to toolbar
X Select conversation
S Toggle star or rotate among superstars
E Archive
M Mute conversation
Shift 1 Report as spam
Shift 3 Delete
R Reply
Shift R Reply in a new window
A Reply all
Shift A Reply all in a new window
F Forward
Shift F Forward in a new window
Shift N Update conversation
]/[ Archive conversation and go to previous or next
Z Undo last action
Shift I Mark as read
Shift U Mark as unread
Shift - Mark unread from the selected message
= Mark as important
- Mark as not important
B Snooze
; Expand entire conversation
Shift ; Collapse entire conversation
Shift T Add conversation to tasks


Shortcut Action
H M Show menu
H A Show archived hangouts
H I Show hangout requests
H C Focus on the conversation list
H P Open phone


Shortcut Action
G I Go to inbox
G S Go to starred conversations
G B Go to snoozed conversations
G T Go to sent messages
S D Go to drafts
G A Go to all mail
Ctrl Alt ,/. Switch between the calendar, keep, and tasks sidebar and your inbox
G K Go to tasks
G L Go to label

#Threadlist Selection

Shortcut Action
Shift 8 A Select all conversations
Shift 8 N Deselect all conversations
Shift 8 R Select read conversations
Shift 8 U Select unread conversations
Shift 8 S Select starred conversations
Shift 8 T Select unstarred conversations
Shortcut Action
G N Go to next page
G P Go to previous page
U Back to threadlist
K Newer conversation
J Older conversation
Enter Open conversation
` Go to next inbox section
Shift ` Go to previous inbox section


Shortcut Action
C Compose
D Compose in a new tab
/ Search mail
G Search chat contacts
. Open more actions menu
V Open move to menu
L Open label as menu
? Open keyboard shortcut help

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