Google Drive

A visual cheat-sheet for the 54 keyboard shortcuts found in Google Drive on the web

#Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
G N Go to navigation panel (folders list)
G L Go to items view
V Switch between grid and list in items view
G D Go to details pane
G T Go to top of application (Google bar)
G A Go to download status
G U Go to upload status
D Show or hide details pane
I Show or hide activity pane

#Select items

Shortcut Action
X Select or deselect item
J/Down Select next item down
K/Up Select next item up
H/Left Select next item to the left
L/Right Select next item to the right
Shift Down Extend selection down
Shift Up Extend selection up
Shift Left Extend selection left
Shift Right Extend selection right
Shift A Select all visible items
Shift N Clear all selections

#Move between items

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Down Move down without changing selection
Ctrl Up Move up without changing selection
Ctrl Left Move left without changing selection
Ctrl Right Move right without changing selection

#Take action on selected items

Shortcut Action
Enter Open selected item
N Rename selected item
. Share selected items
Z Move selected items to new folder
S Star or unstar selected items
Shift Z Add selected items to an additional folder
Delete Remove selected items
Ctrl Z Undo last action
Ctrl Shift Z Redo last undone action

#Create new items

Shortcut Action
Shift T Document
Shift P Presentation
Shift S Spreadsheet
Shift D Drawing
Shift F Folder
Shift O Form

#Open menus

Shortcut Action
C Create menu
A More actions menu
F Current folder actions menu
R Sort menu
T Settings menu

#Application actions

Shortcut Action
Shift / Display keyboard shortcuts list
Q Q Choose next visual density
Ctrl F Find/find next
Ctrl P Print
M Show last message
/ Search your drive

#Preview mode actions

Shortcut Action
Esc Close
Space Play/pause
+/= Zoom in
- Zoom out

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