Guitar Pro

A visual cheat-sheet for the 129 keyboard shortcuts found in Guitar Pro

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift Insert Add
Ctrl Shift Delete Delete
Ctrl Alt Up Move up
Ctrl Alt Down Move down
F6 Properties

#Bar - General

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Insert Insert bar
Ctrl Delete Delete bar
K Clef
Ctrl K Key signature
Ctrl T Time signature
Ctrl / Triplet feel
| Free time
[ Repeat open
] Repeat close
D Directions
Ctrl R Multi rest
Ctrl Enter Force line break
Shift 7 Prevent line break

#Bar - Section

Shortcut Action
Shift Insert Insert or remove
Alt Left Previous section
Alt Right Next section

#Bar - Simile Mark

Shortcut Action
Shift 5 Repeat one bar
Ctrl Shift 5 Repeat two bars

#Note - Duration

Shortcut Action
+/- Increase or decrease (whole note, half note, etc)
Shift 5 Dotting
Ctrl Shift 5 Double dotting
/ Triplet

#Note - General

Shortcut Action
Insert Insert a beat
Shift Delete Delete the beats
C Copy the beats at the end
L Tie note
Shift L Tie the beat
F Fermata
R Rest
Ctrl D Brush downstroke
Ctrl U Brush upstroke
Ctrl Shift D Arpeggio down
Ctrl Shift U Arpeggio up
Shift R Rasgueado
Shift D PickStroke down
Shift U PickStroke up
Shift - One semi-town down
Shift + One semi-tone up
Alt Down Shift down
Alt Up Shift up
A Chord
Shift I Barre
Shift 2 Timer
T Text

#Effects - General

Shortcut Action
X Dead note
O Ghost note
; Accented note
Shift ; Heavily accented note
Shift 1 Staccato
Shift - Tenuto
Shift H Legato
I Let ring
[ Palm mute note
] Palm-mute on beat
Y Natural harmonic
Alt Y Artificial harmonic
B Bend
Shift W Tremolo bar
H Hammer on or pull-off
Shift 9 Left-hand tapping
Shift 0 Tapping
Shift 4 Slap
Ctrl Shift 4 Pop
N Trill
Shift , Fade in
Shift . Fade out
Ctrl Shift ./, Volume swell
Alt O Wah open
Alt C Wah close

#Note - Accidentals

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Alt 7 Double flat
Ctrl 7 Flat
Ctrl 8 Natural
Ctrl 9 Sharp
Ctrl Alt 9 Double sharp
Ctrl Alt 8 Change the accidental

#Effects - Grace Note

Shortcut Action
G Before the beat
Alt G On the beat

#Effects - Vibrato

Shortcut Action
V Left-hand vibrato (slight)
Alt V Left-hand vibrato (wide)

#Effects - Vibrato with Trem. Bar

Shortcut Action
W Vibrato with trem. bar (slight)
Alt W Vibrato with trem. bar (wide)

#Effects - Slide

Shortcut Action
S Legato slide
Alt S Shift slide

#Effects - Tremolo

Shortcut Action
Shift ' Thirty-second note


Shortcut Action
F4 Check the bars' duration
Ctrl Shift M Move or swap voices


Shortcut Action
Space Play
Ctrl Space Play from the beginning
Ctrl Home First bar
Ctrl Left Rewind
Ctrl Right Fast forward
Ctrl End Last bar
F9 Play in loops (speed trainer)
F2 RSI (Realistic Sound Engine)


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Alt D Design mode
F3 Multitrack
Ctrl B Enable browser
F6 Fretboard
F6 Keyboard
F6 Drums
F11 Full screen


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Shift Z Redo
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl Shift X Multitrack cut
Ctrl Shift C Multitrack copy
Ctrl Shift V Special paste
Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl G Go to
F10 Edit automations
Ctrl 1-4 Voices


Shortcut Action
Ctrl N New steel guitar
Ctrl O Open
Ctrl W Close
Ctrl S Save
Ctrl Shift S Save As
F5 Score information
F7 Stylesheet
F8 Print preview
Ctrl P Print
F12 Preferences
Ctrl Q Quit

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