IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a very good Java IDE, most of its commands have shortcuts to keep your hands from leaving the keyboard

#IDEA Windows & Linux Keymap


shortcut description
Ctrl Space Basic code completion
Ctrl Shift Space Smart code completion
Ctrl Shift Enter Complete statement
Ctrl P Parameter info
Ctrl Q Quick documentation lookup
Shift F1 External Doc
Ctrl hover Brief Info
Ctrl F1 Error or warning at caret
Alt Insert Generate code
Ctrl O Override methods
Ctrl I Implement methods
Ctrl Alt T Surround with
Ctrl / Comment or uncomment line
Ctrl Shift / Comment or uncomment block
Ctrl W Select successively increasing code blocks
Ctrl Shift W Decrease current selection to previous state
Alt Q Context info
Alt Enter Show intention actions and quick-fixes
Ctrl Alt L Reformat code
Ctrl Alt O Optimize imports
Ctrl Alt I Auto-indent line(s)
Tab Indent selected lines
Shift Tab Unindent selected lines
Ctrl X Cut current line or selected block to clipboard
Ctrl C Copy current line or selected block to clipboard
Ctrl V Paste from clipboard
Ctrl Shift V Paste from recent buffers
Ctrl D Duplicate current line or selected block
Ctrl Y Delete line at caret
Ctrl Shift J Smart line join
Ctrl Enter Smart line split
Shift Enter Start new line
Ctrl Shift U Toggle case for word at caret or selected block
Ctrl Shift ] / [ Select till code block end/start
Ctrl Backspace Delete to word end/start
Ctrl + / - Expand/collapse code block
Ctrl Shift + Expand all
Ctrl Shift - Collapse all
Ctrl F4 Close active editor tab
shortcut description
Alt F7 / Ctrl F7 Find usages/Find usages in file
Ctrl Shift F7 Highlight usages in file
Ctrl Alt F7 Show usages
shortcut description
Ctrl N Go to class
Ctrl Shift N Go to file
Ctrl Alt Shift N Go to symbol
Alt Right / Left Go to next / previous editor tab
F12 Go back to previous tool window
Esc Go to editor
Shift Esc Hide active or last active window
Ctrl Shift F4 Close active run, messages...
Ctrl G Go to line
Ctrl E Recent files popup
Ctrl Alt Left / Right Navigate back / forward
Ctrl Shift Backspace Navigate to last edit location
Alt F1 Select current file or symbol in any view
Ctrl B / Ctrl Click Go to declaration
Ctrl Alt B Go to implementation(s)
Ctrl Shift I Open quick definition lookup
Ctrl Shift B Go to type declaration
Ctrl U Go to super-method / super-class
Alt Up / Down Go to previous / next method
Ctrl ]/[ Move to code block end/start
Ctrl F12 File structure popup
Ctrl H Type hierarchy
Ctrl Shift H Method hierarchy
Ctrl Alt H Call hierarchy
F2 / Shift F2 Next/previous highlighted error
F4 / Ctrl Enter Edit source / View source
Alt Home Show navigation bar
F11 Toggle bookmark
Ctrl F11 Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
Ctrl 0...9 Go to numbered bookmark
Shift F11 Show bookmarks


shortcut description
Double Shift Search everywhere
Ctrl F Find
F3 Shift F3 Find next / Find previous
Ctrl R Replace
Ctrl Shift F Find in path
Ctrl Shift R Replace in path

#Live Templates

shortcut description
Ctrl Alt J Surround with Live Template
Ctrl J Insert Live Template
iter Iteration according to Java SDK 1.5 style
inst Check object type with instanceof and downcast it
itco Iterate elements of java.util.Collection
itit Iterate elements of java.util.Iterator
itli Iterate elements of java.util.List
psf public static final
thr throw new


shortcut description
F5 Copy
F6 Move
Alt Delete Safe Delete
Shift F6 Rename
Ctrl F6 Change Signature
Ctrl Alt N Inline
Ctrl Alt M Extract Method
Ctrl Alt V Extract Variable
Ctrl Alt F Extract Field
Ctrl Alt C Extract Constant
Ctrl Alt P Extract Parameter


shortcut description
F8/F7 Step over/Step into
Shift F7 / Shift F8 Smart step into/Step out
Alt F9 Run to cursor
Alt F8 Evaluate expression
F9 Resume program
Ctrl F8 Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl Shift F8 View breakpoints

#Compile and Run

shortcut description
Ctrl F9 Make project
Ctrl Shift F9 Compile selected file, package or module
Alt Shift F10 / F9 Select configuration and run/and debug
Shift F10 / F9 Run/Debug
Ctrl Shift F10 Run context configuration from editor

#VCS/Local History

shortcut description
Ctrl K Commit project to VCS
Ctrl T Update from VCS
Alt Shift C View recent changes
Alt ` VCS Operations Popup


shortcut description
Alt 0...9 Open corresponding tool window
Ctrl S Save all
Ctrl Alt Y Synchronize
Ctrl Shift F12 Toggle maximizing editor
Alt Shift F Add to Favorites
Alt Shift I Inspect current file
Ctrl ` Quick switch current scheme
Ctrl Alt S Open Settings dialog
Ctrl Alt Shift S Open Project Structure dialog
Ctrl Shift A Find Action
Ctrl Tab Switch between tool and tabs