A visual cheat-sheet for the 29 keyboard shortcuts found in KanbanMail

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Ctrl \ Toggle split view


Shortcut Action
C Open composer
Ctrl N New note in the to-do column
/ Focus the search bar
Esc Clear search, if it's on
1-5 Select the first thread in column


Shortcut Action
S Star or unstar
I Mark as important or not important
U Mark as read or unread
Shift P Pin
R Reply
A Reply all
F Forward
E Move to archived
1-5 Move to column
Shift 3 Move to trash
P Go to the previous message in the thread
N Go to the next message in the thread
Shift U Unsubscribe
Enter Open selected thread
Esc Close thread viewer, if open
Esc Clear selected threads


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Enter Send email
Ctrl S Save as draft
Esc Close composer


Shortcut Action
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl K Add hyperlink

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