Microsoft Teams

A visual cheat-sheet for the 38 keyboard shortcuts found in Microsoft Teams

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Ctrl . Show keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl E Go to search
Ctrl / Show commands
Ctrl G Goto
Ctrl N Start new chat
Ctrl , Open settings
F1 Open help
Esc Close
Ctrl = Zoom in
Ctrl - Zoom out
Ctrl 0 Return to default zoom
Shortcut Action
Ctrl 1 Open activity
Ctrl 2 Open chat
Ctrl 3 Open teams
Ctrl 4 Open calendar
Ctrl 5 Open calls
Ctrl 6 Open files
Alt Up Go to previous list item
Alt Down Go to next list item
Ctrl Shift Up Move selected team up
Ctrl Shift Down Move selected team down
Ctrl Shift F6 Go to the previous section
Ctrl F6 Go to the next section


Shortcut Action
Alt Shift C Go to compose box
Ctrl Shift X Expand compose box
Ctrl Enter Send, in the expanded compose box
Ctrl O Attach a file
Shift Enter Start a new line
Alt Shift R Reply to thread

#Meetings and Calls

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift A Accept video call
Ctrl Shift S Accept audio call
Ctrl Shift D Decline call
Ctrl Shift C Start audio call
Ctrl Shift U Start video call
Ctrl Shift M Toggle mute
Ctrl Shift O Toggle video
Ctrl Shift F Toggle fullscreen
Ctrl Shift Space Go to sharing toolbar

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