A visual cheat-sheet for the 83 keyboard shortcuts found in Missive

#Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Down Next item
Up Previous item
Alt Up First item
Alt Down Last item
Right Open item
Left Collapse item
Tab Next scope
Shift Tab Previous scope
PgUp Scroll up
PgDn Scroll down


Shortcut Action
Shift Up Select next conversation
Shift Down Select previous conversation
Alt Shift Up Select until first conversation
Alt Shift Down Select until last conversation
Ctrl A Select all conversations


Shortcut Action
Ctrl N Compose new email
Ctrl Shift N Create new conversation
Ctrl F Search
Ctrl Shift C Focus comment box
Ctrl Shift X Focus task box
Space Preview item
Ctrl Up Edit previous comment
Ctrl Shift Y Set a status
Ctrl . Open conversation contextual menu
Ctrl G Open more menu
Ctrl L Open location
Ctrl , Open preferences
Ctrl Shift , Open contacts
Ctrl Alt S Toggle right sidebar
Ctrl Alt N Main right sidebar action
Ctrl Alt R Reload


Shortcut Action
Back Archive or remove label
Alt Back Close
Cmd Back Trash
Ctrl Shift L Label as...
Ctrl Alt L Move to...
Ctrl Shift K Assign
Ctrl Shift J Snooze
Ctrl Shift S Toggle star
Ctrl Shift M Toggle watch
Ctrl R Reply all
Ctrl Shift R Reply
Ctrl Shift F Forward
Ctrl Shift D Open or focus draft
Ctrl P Print
Ctrl O Open in new window
Ctrl Z Undo last action
Ctrl Shift Z Redo last action
Ctrl Shift I Mark as read
Ctrl Shift U Mark as unread
Ctrl Shift = Mark as important
Ctrl - Mark as not important
Ctrl Shift Right Expand entire conversation
Ctrl Shift Left Collapse entire conversation
Ctrl Shift ' Toggle message quote
Ctrl Shift P Pin to sidebar
Ctrl Shift G Merge...


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Enter Send
Ctrl Shift Enter Send and archive
Ctrl D Discard draft
Ctrl Shift C Add CC recipients
Ctrl Shift B Add BCC recipients
Ctrl K Insert a link
Ctrl Shift O Open responses


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift - Decrease text size
Ctrl Shift = Increase text size
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl Shift 7 Numbered list
Ctrl Shift 8 Bulleted list
Ctrl [ Decrease indent
Ctrl ] Increase indent


Shortcut Action
Ctrl N Create event
Ctrl R Refresh
Enter View day
T Today
Ctrl L Go to date
D Day view
W Week view
M Month view
A Agenda view


Shortcut Action
Ctrl 1-9 Go to Mailbox 1-9

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