A visual cheat-sheet for the 36 keyboard shortcuts found on Pocket for Web

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Viewing Your List

Shortcut Action
G L Go to My List
G A Go to Archive
G F Go to Favorites
G R Go to Articles
G H Go to Highlights
G V Go to Videos
G T Go to All Tags
G S Go to Search
G B Bulk Edit
G U Save a URL
S N Sort by Newest
S O Sort by Oldest
V L List View
V G Grid View
V D Detail View
C L Change to Light Theme
C D Change to Dark Theme
C S Change to Sepia Theme
? Open Help Overlay

#Item Actions

Shortcut Action
O Open the original in a new tab
A Archive the selected item
F Favorite the selected item
T Tag the selected item
D Delete the selected item
X Select item in bulk edit
J Select the next item
K Select the previous item

#Article View

Shortcut Action
Ctrl = Increase the font size
Ctrl - Decrease the font size
B Toggle full screen mode
D Edit tags
T Archive the item
F Favorite the item
O View the original
Alt = Increase the column width (premium only)
Alt - Decrease the column width (premium only)

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