A visual cheat-sheet for the 52 keyboard shortcuts found in Quip

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
` Toggle styles between different types of headings and lists
Tab Indent a list item
Shift Tab De-indent a list item
Shift Enter Add a single space between lines
Esc Stop editing
Ctrl / List all keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl Alt Shift N Create a new ...
Ctrl Alt N Create a new document
Ctrl Alt M Create a new message
Ctrl Shift D Go to the desktop
Ctrl Alt O Search for a document, folder, or conversation
Ctrl Alt Left/Right Move between tabs in the desktop app

#Style Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Ctrl B Bold the selected text
Ctrl I Italicize the selected text
Ctrl U Underline the selected text
Ctrl Shift X Strikethrough the selected text
Ctrl Shift K Monospace (code style) the selected text
Ctrl Alt 0 Paragraph (normal text style)
Ctrl Alt 1 Large heading style
Ctrl Alt 2 Medium heading style
Ctrl Alt 3 Small heading style
Ctrl Shift L Bulleted list style
Ctrl Alt K Code block style

#Editing Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Alt Up Move a list item up one line
Ctrl Alt Down Move a list item down one line
Ctrl Enter Check a list item
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Shift Z Redo
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl P Print document
Ctrl K Insert link
Ctrl N Next line
Ctrl P Previous line
Ctrl Alt C Hide or show conversation
Ctrl Shift C Add a comment
Ctrl Alt S Finish edit session
Ctrl Shift A Create an anchor link


Shortcut Action
Ctrl (arrows) Move to the edge of dat or the next non-empty cell
Ctrl Shift (arrows) Expand select to the edge of data or the next non-empty cell
Shift Space Select row
Ctrl Space Select column
Ctrl Enter Fill selection with entered text
Ctrl D Fill down in selection
Ctrl R Fill right in selection
Ctrl Backspace Scroll focused cell into view
Ctrl I Insert above or in front of selected rows or columns
Ctrl - Remove selected rows or columns
Ctrl ; Insert current time
Ctrl : Insert today's date
Alt Enter Hard return within a cell

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