Sequel Pro

A visual cheat-sheet for the 71 keyboard shortcuts found in Sequel Pro. This application is MacOS-only.

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Main Tabs

Shortcut Action
Cmd 1 Table Structure
Cmd 2 Table Content
Cmd 3 Table Relations
Cmd 4 Table Info
Cmd 5 Custom Query
Cmd 6 Table Triggers

#General Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Cmd N New window (connection file)
Cmd T New tab (connection file)
Cmd Shift A Add connection to favorites
Cmd O Open (connection file or SQL file)
Cmd Opt O Open current connection file in new window
Cmd S Save (connection flie)
Cmd Shift S Save as (connection file)
Cmd Ctrl S Save query
Cmd W Close (connection file)
Cmd Opt W Close all (connection file)
Cmd P Print
Cmd Shift I Import
Cmd Shift K Show console window
Cmd K Clear console
Ctrl Opt Left Back in history
Ctrl Opt Right Forward in history
Ctrl Tab Select next tab
Ctrl Shift Tab Select previous tab
Ctrl Shift N Insert NULL value
Cmd Shift C Copy create table syntax
Cmd Opt S Show create table syntax
Cmd Shift R Refresh databases
Cmd Shift D Choose database
Cmd Shift V Show server variables
Cmd Opt P Show server processes
Cmd Ctrl R Refresh tables
Cmd Shift F Flush privileges
Cmd U User accounts...
Cmd C Copy selection or selected row(s)
Cmd Opt C Copy selected row(s) with column names
Cmd Opt Ctrl C Copy selected row(s) as SQL INSERT
Cmd Shift T Show/hide toolbar
Cmd Ctrl F Filter table content
Cmd Opt Ctrl F Filter tables
Cmd Opt Ctrl B Bundle editor
Cmd Opt Ctrl N Navigator


Shortcut Action
Ctrl W Select current word
Ctrl L Select current line
Cmd Shift B Select enclosing brackets
Cmd A Select all

#Table Structure Tab

Shortcut Action
Cmd Opt A Add a new field
Del Delete selected field
Cmd D Duplicate selected field
Cmd R Refresh table structure
Cmd 4 Edit table details

#Table Content Tab

Shortcut Action
Cmd Opt A Add a new row
Del Delete selected row(s)
Cmd D Duplicate selected row
Cmd R Refresh table contents

#Custom Query Tab

Shortcut Action
Cmd Opt R Run all queries (1.0+) / Run current query or selection (<=
Cmd R Run current query or selection (1.0+) / Run all queries (<=
Cmd [ Shift line or selection rightwards
Cmd ] Shift line or selection leftwards
Cmd / Toggle comment line or selection
Cmd Opt / Toggle comment current query
F5 Spell checker completion (narrow-down list)
Ctrl Y Select current query
Ctrl H Show MySQL help for current word or selection
Cmd Opt F Open query favorites popup menu
Cmd Opt Y Open query history popup menu
Ctrl Up Insert previous history item (successively)
Ctrl Down Insert next history item (successively)
Cmd Opt 1 Show all database names as completion list
Cmd Opt 2 Show all table and view names as completion list
Cmd Opt 3 Show all table names from current database as completion list

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