A visual cheat-sheet for the 149 keyboard shortcuts found in Sketch. This application is MacOS-only.

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Cmd C Copy
Cmd X Cut
Cmd V Paste
Cmd Shift V Paste over selection
Space (drag) Pan Canvas
Cmd Shift N New page
Fn Up Previous page
Fn Down Next page
Cmd + Zoom in
Cmd - Zoom out
Ctrl R Toggle rulers
Ctrl P Toggle pixels
Ctrl X Toggle pixel grid
Ctrl G Toggle grid
Ctrl L Toggle layout
Ctrl E Toggle slices
Ctrl F Toggle prototyping
Cmd F Filter in Layer List
Cmd Ctrl K Run custom plugin
Cmd Z Undo
Cmd Shift Z Redo
Cmd N New document
Cmd Shift N New Cloud document
Cmd O Open document
Cmd Shift O Open Cloud document
Cmd W Close window
Cmd S Save document
Cmd Shift S Duplicate document
Cmd Shift Opt S Save document as...
Cmd Shift P Page setup
Cmd , Open Preferences window
Cmd H Hide Sketch
Cmd Q Quit Sketch
Cmd Shift ? Open the Help menu
Cmd P Open Preview window

#Inserting Layers

Shortcut Action
R Rectangle
O Oval
L Line
U Rounded rectangle
V Vector tool
P Pencil tool
T Text tool
A Artboard tool
S Slice tool
H Hotspot tool

#Selecting Layers

Shortcut Action
Cmd A Select all
Cmd Shift A Select all Artboards
Fn Right Select next Artboard
Fn Left Select previous Artboard
Cmd Shift J Reveal selection in Layer List

#Moving and Resizing Layers

Shortcut Action
Opt Display distance between other layers (while hovering)
Cmd D Duplicate
(arrows) Nudge layer any direction by 1px
Shift (arrows) Nudge layer any direction by 10px
Cmd K Scale layer
Cmd Right/Down Expand by 1px
Cmd Left/Up Contract by 1px
Cmd Shift Right/Down Expand by 10px
Cmd Shift Left/Up Contract by 10px
Ctrl Opt Show distance to baseline or cap height on text layers (while hovering)

#Editing Layers

Shortcut Action
Enter Edit layer
Esc Finish editing
Opt Tab Focus X position input field in the Inspector
Del Delete layer
Cmd Opt C Copy style
Cmd Opt V Paste style
Ctrl S Sync shared style
Opt Ctrl S Reset shared style
W Add link to Artboard
F Toggle fill
B Toggle border
Ctrl C Pick color
0-9 Edit layer opacity
Cmd Shift T Transform shape
Cmd Shift R Rotate layer
Cmd Ctrl M Use as mask
Cmd Esc Return to instance
Cmd Opt U Union multiple layers
Cmd Opt S Subtract multiple layers
Cmd Opt I Intersect multiple layers
Cmd Opt X Difference multiple layers

#Vector Editing

Shortcut Action
Cmd Opt O Open or close path
Tab Selects next point
Opt Show all handle control points
1 Straight point type
2 Mirrored point type
3 Disconnected point type
4 Asymmetric point type

#Text Editing

Shortcut Action
Cmd Shift Opt V Paste as rich text
Cmd T Change typeface
Cmd B Bold
Cmd I Italic
Cmd U Underline
Cmd Opt + Increase font size
Cmd Opt - Decrease font size
Ctrl Opt L Increase character spacing
Ctrl Opt T Decrease character spacing
Cmd Shift [ Align left
Cmd Shift \ Align center
Cmd Shift ] Align right
Cmd Opt Space Emoji and symbols
Cmd Opt O Convert to outlines
Shift Enter Insert a line break

#Arranging Layers

Shortcut Action
Cmd G Group
Cmd Shift G Ungroup
Cmd R Rename layer
Tab Select next layer in group
Shift Tab Select previous layer in group
Enter Selects layer inside group
Esc Selects parent group
Cmd ] Bring forward
Cmd Opt ] Bring to front
Cmd [ Send backward
Cmd Opt [ Send to back
Cmd Shift Opt Up Move up, out of group or Artboard
Cmd Ctrl H Distribute horizontally
Cmd Ctrl V Distribute vertically
Cmd Shift H Hide or show layer
Cmd Shift L Lock or unlock layer

#Exporting Layers

Shortcut Action
Cmd Shift E Export
Cmd E Export selected layer(s)

#Zoom and Focus

Shortcut Action
Cmd 0 Zoom to 100%
Cmd 1 Zoom to all elements on Canvas
Cmd 2 Zoom to selected layer(s)
Cmd 3 Center selected layer(s) in Canvas
Shift ` Temporarily zoom out to 100%
Cmd Ctrl F Toggle full screen
Cmd Opt 1 Show or hide Layer list
Cmd Opt 2 Show or hide Inspector
Cmd . Enter presentation mode
Cmd Opt T Show or hide Toolbar

#Text Fields

Shortcut Action
Opt Tab Focus Inspector
Tab Select next field
Shift Tab Select previous field
Enter Confirm change
Esc Clear change
Up Increase value by 1
Down Decrease value by 1
Shift Up Increase value by 10
Shift Down Decrease value by 10
Opt Up Increase value by 0.1
Opt Down Decrease value by 0.1


Shortcut Action
Shift Launch Sketch with all plugins disabled (hold on startup)
Cmd Ctrl D Detach from Symbol
Cmd Ctrl Opt D Detach all contents from Symbol
Cmd Shift D Refresh Data
Cmd Ctrl R Run last-used plugin again
0-9 With a gradient stop selected, position it between 0% and 100%
= Position selected gradient stop directly between two existing stops

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