A visual cheat-sheet for the 62 keyboard shortcuts found in Slack

#Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Tab Move focus to the next element
Shift Tab Move focus to the previous element
Up/Down Move focus through messages in a channel or DM
F6 Move focus to the next section
Shift F6 Move focus to the previous section
Space Take action or 'click' on buttons
Enter Take action or 'click' on links
Esc Close windows, menus, or the message field
Ctrl +/- Zoom in/out
Home/PgUp Scroll up
End/PgDown Scroll down
Ctrl K Quick Switcher
Ctrl Shift K Open direct messages menu
Ctrl Shift L Browse all channels
Ctrl Shift T Open All Threads view
Alt Up Previous channel or DM
Alt Down Next channel or DM
Alt Shift Up Previous unread channel or DM
Alt Shift Down Next unread channel or DM
Alt Left Prevous channel or DM visited
Alt Right Next channel or DM visited
Ctrl , Preferences (desktop apps only)
Ctrl . Open or close right pane
Ctrl Shift I Channel info pane
Ctrl Shift M Activity
Ctrl Shift E Directory
Ctrl Shift S Starred Items
Ctrl F Search the current channel or conversation
Ctrl G Open previous search
Ctrl Shift F Toggle full screen view

#All Unreads navigation

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift A Open All Unreads view
Alt (click a message) Mark message as unread
Left/Right Move between channels
R Toggle current channel read or unread

#Switch workspaces

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift Tab Switch to previous workspace
Ctrl Tab Switch to next workspace
Ctrl [number] Switch to a specific workspace

#Mark messages read or unread

Shortcut Action
Esc Mark all messages in current channel or DM as read
Shift Esc Mark all messages as read
Alt (click a message) Set a message as your oldest unread message

#Message shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Up Edit your last message
Shift Up Select text to beginning of current line
Shift Down Select text to end of current line
Shift Enter Create a new line in your message
Ctrl Shift \ Add emoji reactions to a message
Ctrl B Bold selected text
Ctrl I Italicize selected text
Ctrl Shift X Strikethrough selected text
Ctrl Shift > Quote selected text
Ctrl Shift C Codeblock selected text
Ctrl Shift 7 Turn selected text into a numbered list
Ctrl Shift 8 Turn selected text into a bulleted list
Ctrl Shift Y Set or edit your status

#Message autocomplete

Shortcut Action
[character] Tab Autocomplete @display name beginning with [character]
#[character] Tab Autocomplete channel beginning with [character]
:[character] Tab Autocomplete emoji beginning with [character]

#File and snippets

Shortcut Action
Ctrl U Upload a file
Ctrl Shift Enter Create a new snippet

#Call actions

Shortcut Action
M Toggle mute on and off
V Toggle video on and off
+/A Show the invite list
E 1-9 View and select emoji reactions

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