A visual cheat-sheet for the 105 keyboard shortcuts found in Superhuman. This application is MacOS-only.

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Cmd K Superhuman command
/ Search
Z Undo
? Shortcuts
X Select conversation
Shift J/K Add to selection


Shortcut Action
Shift U Unread
Shift S Starred
Shift I Important
Shift R No reply


Shortcut Action
C Compose
Enter Reply all
R Reply
F Forward
Cmd O Open links and attachments
Tab Cycle through links and dates
O Expand message
Shift O Expand all messages


Shortcut Action
E Mark done (archive)
Shift E Mark as not done
H Remind me (snooze)
S Star
U Mark as read or unread
Shift 3 Trash
Shift 1 Mark as spam
Shift M Mute
Cmd U Unsubscribe

#Folders (Press keys separately)

Shortcut Action
G I Go to inbox or important
G O Go to other
G S Go to starred
G D Go to drafts
G T Go to sent mail
G E Go to done
G H Go to reminders
G M Go to muted
G ; Go to snippets
G ! Go to spam
G # Go to trash
G A Go to all mail
G L Go to label


Shortcut Action
Cmd B Bold
Cmd I Italics
Cmd U Underline
Cmd K Hyperlink
Cmd O Color
Cmd Shift X Strikethrough
Cmd Shift 7 Numbers
Cmd Shift 8 Bullets
Cmd Shift 9 Quote
Tab Indent list
Shift Tab Outdent list
Cmd ] Increase indent
Cmd [ Decrease indent


Shortcut Action
L Add or remove a label
Y Remove label
[ Remove label, next
] Remove label, previous
Shift Y Remove all labels
V Move


Shortcut Action
0 Toggle calendar
- Previous day
= Next day
Shortcut Action
Up/Down/Left/Right Superhuman focus
Tab Next split
Shift Tab Previous split
Enter Open conversation
J/K Next or previous conversation
N/P Next or previous message
Space Scroll down
Shift Space Scroll up
Cmd Up/Down Jump to the top or bottom
Cmd N New window
Cmd T New tab
Cmd Shift ] Next tab
Cmd Shift [ Previous tab
Cmd 1/2/3 Switch tabs
Cmd W Close tab
Ctrl 1/2/3 Switch accounts
Cmd = Increase font size
Cmd - Decrease font size
Cmd 0 Reset font size
Ctrl / Copy page link
Esc Back

#Pop Out Compose

Shortcut Action
Cmd Shift P Pop draft in or out
Shift R Pop out reply
Shift Enter Pop out reply-all
Shift C Pop out new message
Shift F Pop out forward
Cmd / Pop out a draft and search
Cmd D Switch to or from a draft


Shortcut Action
Cmd Shift O To
Cmd Shift C CC
Cmd Shift B BCC
Cmd Shift F From
Cmd Shift S Edit subject
Cmd Shift M Edit message
Cmd Shift A Attach
Cmd Shift , Discard draft
Cmd Shift I Move contacts to BCC
Cmd Shift H Remind me
Cmd Shift L Send later
Cmd ; Use snippet
Cmd Enter Send
Cmd Shift Enter Send and mark done
Cmd Shift Z Instant send

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