Telegram Desktop

A visual cheat-sheet for the 37 keyboard shortcuts found on the Telegram Desktop app

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Up/Down In-Chat Navigation
Up/Down/Left/Right Suggested Stickers Navigation
Left/Right Suggested Emojis Navigation
Ctrl Tab Move to the Chat Below
Ctrl Shift Tab Move to the Chat Above
Esc Exit
Esc Go Back
Esc Cancel Current Action
Ctrl O Send File


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Up/Down Reply to a Message
Ctrl Down Cancel Reply
Up Edit Last Message Sent
Del Delete Currently Selected Message
Ctrl E Edit Media
Ctrl (click gif) Send GIF Directly
Ctrl (click name) Open Bot Profile via Inline Message
Shortcut Action
Ctrl F Search Selected Chat
Esc Exit Search

#QuickShare Panel

Shortcut Action
Up/Down Navigate
Enter Select Chat
Backspace Remove Chat
Ctrl Enter Send Message

#Jump to

Shortcut Action
Alt Enter Jump to the bottom of the chat
Alt Enter Scroll the chat list to the top
Ctrl 0 Jump to your saved messages
Ctrl 1-5 Jump between folders
Ctrl Shift Down Jump to the next folder
Ctrl Shift Up Jump to the previous folder
Shortcut Action
Ctrl W Minimize to System Tray
Ctrl Q Quit Telegram
Ctrl L Lock Telegram
Ctrl M Minimize Telegram

#Selected Text

Shortcut Action
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl K Create Link
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl Shift M Monospace
Ctrl Shift N Null / Plain Text
Ctrl Shift X Strikethrough