A visual cheat-sheet for the 25 keyboard shortcuts found in the TickTick desktop app

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#General I

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift A Show quick add bar
Ctrl Shift L Show or hide mini window
Ctrl Shift P Start or abandon pomo
Ctrl S Sync task
Ctrl F Search for a task
Ctrl N Add task
Ctrl Shift M Complete task
Ctrl 0 Clear date
Ctrl D Set date
Ctrl 1 Set today
Ctrl 2 Set tomorrow
Ctrl 3 Set next week

#General II

Shortcut Action
Ctrl 0 Set no priority
Ctrl 1 Set low priority
Ctrl 2 Set medium priority
Ctrl 3 Set high priority
Ctrl P Print
Ctrl Alt T Open today's list
Ctrl Opt T Open tomorrow's list
Ctrl Alt N Open next 7 days list
Ctrl Alt A Open all list
Ctrl Alt C Open the calendar view
Ctrl Alt A Open the assigned to me list
Ctrl Alt 1 Open the inbox
Ctrl Alt C Open completed tasks

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