The tmux cheat sheet quick reference of most commonly used shortcuts and commands

#Tmux CLI

#New session

Start a new session

$ tmux

Start a new named session

$ tmux new -s myname

Show all sessions

$ tmux ls

#Attach session

Attach to last session

$ tmux a

Attach to named

$ tmux a -t myname

#Kill session

Kill a session by name

$ tmux kill-ses -t myname

Kill sessions but the current

$ tmux kill-ses -a

Kill sessions but 'myname'

$ tmux kill-ses -a -t myname

#Tmux help

$ tmux info


Reload config

$ tmux source-file ~/.tmu­x.conf

Show config

$ tmux show-options -g

#Copy Mode

Command Description
Ctrl+b [ Enter copy mode
<Space> Start selection
Enter Copy selection
q Quit copy mode
Ctrl+b ] Paste contents of buffer_0

Mainly works like selecting text in Vim

#Tmux shortcuts

#Getting started

Shortcuts Description
Ctrl+b ? List all shortcuts

Show every session, window, pane, etc.

$ tmux info

#Panes (Splits)

Shortcuts Description
Ctrl+b " / % Split Horiz/Vert
Ctrl+b ! Pane -> Window
Ctrl+b x Kill pane
Ctrl+b <Arrow> Navigate panes
Ctrl+b <Space> Toggle layouts
Ctrl+b { / } Move to Left/Right
Ctrl+b o Go to next panes
Ctrl+b z Toggle full-screen
Ctrl+b ; Toggle Last pane
Ctrl+b q Show numbers
Ctrl+b q 0...9 Go to # pane

#Window (Tabs)

- -
Ctrl+b c Create window
Ctrl+b p / n Previous/Next window
Ctrl+b " / % Split Horiz/Vert
Ctrl+b w List window
Ctrl+b , Rename window
Ctrl+b f Find window
Ctrl+b l Last window
Ctrl+b . Move window
Ctrl+b & Close window
Ctrl+b 0...9 Go to # window

#Session (Set of Windows)

- -
Ctrl+b d Detach from session
Ctrl+b s Show all sessions
Ctrl+b $ Rename session
Ctrl+b ( / ) Previous/Next session

#Tmux Command Mode


Command Description
Ctrl+b : Enter command mode


Command Description
resize-pane -D 20 Resize down
resize-pane -U 20 Resize up
resize-pane -L 20 Resize left
resize-pane -R 20 Resize right


Command Description
list-keys All commands
list-panes All panes
list-windows All Windows


Command Description
list-buffers List all buffers
show-buffer Show #0 contents
capture-pane Copy of pane
choose-buffer Show and paste
save-buffer a.txt Save to file
delete-buffer -b 1 Delete buffer 1


Command Description
set -g OPTION Set for all sessions
setw -g OPTION Set for all windows
setw -g mode-keys vi Enable vi-mode
set -g prefix C-a Set prefix


Command Description
swap-pane -s 3 -t 1 Swap pane
swap-window -t -1 Move to left
setw synchronize-panes Sync Panes
join-pane -t :# Join pane