A visual cheat-sheet for the 29 keyboard shortcuts found on Trello

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#General I

Shortcut Action
Up/Down/Left/Right Navigate Cards
B Open Header Boards Menu
/ Focus Search Box
C Archive Card
D Due Date
E Quick Edit Mode
Esc Close Menu/Cancel Editing
Ctrl Enter Save Text
Enter Open Card
F Open Card Filter Menu
L Label
; Toggle Label Names
M Add/Remove Members
N Insert New Card
,/./</> Move Card to Adjacent List

#General II

Shortcut Action
Q My Cards Filter
S Watch
Space Assign Self
T Edit Title
V Vote
W Toggle Board Menu
X Clear All Filters
? Open Shortcuts Page
Shift 2 Autocomplete Members
Shift 3 Autocomplete Labels
Shift 6 Autocomplete Position
Ctrl C Copy Card
Ctrl V Paste Card
Ctrl X Move Card

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