Vivaldi Browser

A visual cheat-sheet for the 69 default keyboard shortcuts found in the Vivaldi browser

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Ctrl N New window
Ctrl Shift N New private window
Ctrl Shift W Close window
Ctrl E Quick commands
Ctrl , Settings
Ctrl Alt E Extensions
Ctrl H History
Ctrl Alt B Bookmarks
Ctrl Shift Delete Delete browsing data
Ctrl Q Quit Vivaldi
Ctrl Shift ? Help
Ctrl F1 Keyboard cheat sheet
Ctrl P Print
Ctrl U View page source
Ctrl Shift I Developer tools
Ctrl Shift J Developer tools console
Ctrl Shift V Paste and go
Ctrl M Minimize


Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift F Fullscreen mode
Ctrl Shift B Bookmarks bar
Ctrl / Status bar
Ctrl F10 Toggle UI
Ctrl + Page zoom in
Ctrl - Page zoom out
Ctrl 0 Page zoom reset
Ctrl Alt P Panel
F7 Focus panel
Ctrl Alt Down Open next panel
Ctrl Alt Up Open previous panel
Ctrl Alt B Bookmarks panel
Ctrl Alt L Downloads panel
Ctrl Alt N Notes panel
Ctrl Alt Y History panel


Shortcut Action
Ctrl T New tab
Ctrl W Close tab
Ctrl Shift Tab Tab cycler back
Ctrl Tab Tab cycler forward
Ctrl Shift [ Previous tab (by order)
Ctrl Shift ] Next tab (by order)
Ctrl Shift Up Move active tab backward
Ctrl Shift Down Move active tab forward
Ctrl 1-8 Switch to tab 1-8
Ctrl 9 Switch to the last tab
Ctrl Shift T Reopen last tab
Ctrl F9 Tile vertically
Ctrl F8 Tile horizontally
Ctrl F7 Tile to grid
Ctrl F6 Untile tabs
Ctrl Alt I Load images


Shortcut Action
Ctrl D Create bookmark
Ctrl L Focus address field
Ctrl R Reload page
Ctrl Shift R Force reload page
F9 Focus page
Ctrl K Focus search field
Ctrl F Find in page
Ctrl G Find next in page
Ctrl Shift G Find previous in page
Ctrl Left History back
Ctrl Right History forward
Esc Stop loading
Ctrl O Open file
Ctrl S Save page as
Ctrl Shift H Home
Ctrl Alt C Copy selected text to note
Shift Left Spatial navigation left
Shift Up Spatial navigation up
Shift Right Spatial navigation right
Shift Down Spatial navigation down

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