VLC Player

A visual cheat-sheet for the 82 keyboard shortcuts found in VLC Player

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#General I

Shortcut Action
F Fullscreen
Esc Leave fullscreen
Space Play/Pause
] Pause only
[ Play only
+ Faster
- Slower
= Normal rate
N Next
P Previous
S Stop
T Position
Shift Left Very short backwards jump
Shift Right Very short forwards jump
Alt Left Short backwards jump
Alt Right Short forwards jump
Ctrl Left Medium backwards jump
Ctrl Right Medium forwards jump
Ctrl Alt Left Long backwards jump
Ctrl Alt Right Long forwards jump
E Next frame
Enter Activate
Up Navigate up
Down Navigate down
Left Navigate left
Right Navigate right
Shift M Go to the DVD menu
Shift O Select previous DVD title

#General II

Shortcut Action
Shift B Select next DVD title
Shift P Select previous DVD chapter
Shift N Select next DVD chapter
Ctrl Q Quit
Ctrl Up Volume up
Ctrl Down Volume down
M Mute
H Subtitle delay up
G Subtitle delay down
K Audio delay up
J Audio delay down
B Cycle audio track
Shift A Cycle through audio devices
V Cycle subtitle track
A Cycle source aspect ratio
C Cycle video crop
O Toggle autoscaling
Alt O Increase scale factor
Shift Alt O Decrease scale factor
D Cycle deinterlace modes
I Show interface
Shift I Hide interface
Shift S Take video snapshot
Shift G Go back in browsing history
Shift H Go forward in browsing history
Shift R Record
Shift D Dump
Z Zoom

#General III

Shortcut Action
Shift Z Un-Zoom
W Toggle wallpaper mode
Alt Shift M Display OSD menu on top
Alt Ctrl M Do not display OSD menu
Alt Shift Right Highlight widget on the right
Alt Shift Left Highlight widget on the left
Alt Shift Up Highlight widget on top
Alt Shift Down Highlight widget on bottom
Alt Shift Enter Select current widget
Alt R Crop one pixel from the top
Alt Shift R Uncrop one pixel from the top
Alt D Crop one pixel from the left
Alt Shift D Uncrop one pixel from the left
Alt C Crop one pixel from the bottom
Alt Shift C Uncrop one pixel from the bottom
Alt F Crop one pixel from the right
Alt Shift F Uncrop one pixel from the right
R Random
L Normal/Repeat/Loop
Ctrl 1 1:4 Quarter
Ctrl 2 1:2 Half
Ctrl 3 1:1 Original
Ctrl 4 2:1 Double
3 Very short jump length (integer)
Ctrl F1-F10 Set playlist bookmark 1-10
F1-F10 Play playlist bookmark 1-10

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